Thursday, December 6, 2007

You are a Blessing

Yesterday while in the Radiation Oncology office, I was filling out new patient paperwork. One question asked me to fill in my support system. Lucky me, the line didn't give me enough space to write you all down. I squeezed in: husband, family, friends, church, former co-workers, etc. The two CT techs and the nurse all told me individually how lucky I am to have such a great support group. Most patients are not so fortunate. THANK YOU!


NaniJill said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...=)...and you truly are a blessing to me!...and MANY others!(clearly!)

Lori Elliott said...

I agree with Nanijill! You are a blessing in my life, personally, and many others. You know how you have blessed me? Your example of a gentle spirit with wisdom beyond your years. You bless me by your attentiveness to me when we are sharing with one another--I know you are a listener--trustworthy--honest. You bless me because you are in my life; you are my friend.

I love you, Meredith! I'll be by your side as you would be by mine.

Blessings back at ya,

EJ said...

When Elizabeth showed me your blog yesterday I was thrilled to be able to have a way to know how you are doing. I was also pleased that you have chosen to be transparent with those around who are watching you endure this trial. When others see you bearing up under trial because of your faith in a sovereign God, it gives us courage. Thanks for giving me courage. Love to you and to Nick! Molly

budyfly20 said...

I had no idea this was going on in your life until Nick sent me this blog. I'm so thankful to know what you are going through so I can pray. We don't know each other all that well, but know that you have put a smile on my face more than once. And I praise our Father for you. May He shine on you.

Angela said...

You don't know us but we are good friends of Matt, Leigh, and little Alison. We just wanted to let you know that your support system extends even past those who have actually met you. We just met your parents the other night and we look forward to meeting you soon. Keep up that amazing attitude and know we are thinking about you.
Derek & Angie Cain