Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Wow. What can we say. We have amazing friends. While in the hospital the nurse brought us a gift with a large "Day 1" written on it. It was an awesome teapot and set of teas. She told Nick that there were another 11 presents to gather from behind the nurse's station. An anonymous group of our friends had left 12 wonderful gifts with the nurses to have us open 1 day at a time. Since we don't know who you are:


The gifts were a great surprise to look forward to every day. Each day had a theme and were filled to the brim with great goodies. Thank you all for your generosity and continued support.


Anonymous said...

Mer & Nick,
I am so glad you keep this blog. It is so helpful to keep up on what you guys are doing. Sounds like the steriods were just what the doc ordered for Meredith. How wonderful to have the benefits of science!
Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Our prayers continue with you!
Louise & Lee

Anonymous said...

What a joy it was to bless you during this Christmas Season...

Your Sister in Christ...