Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tattoos in the Hospital

Nick and I had our first appointment with my Oncologist today. We had both of our moms go with us for support and to ask any questions they had about this cancer. We met Dr. Bernstein in the hospital last week, but he had much more information about my tumor and a plan for treatment this time. It turns out that after many tests on the tumor, the experts decided I do not have small cell lung cancer. Instead, I have been diagnosed with Pulmonary Blastoma, which is still a very rare lung cancer. There are only 200 documented cases of this disease. That's right... only 200. EVER. That means that there are no experts on Pulmonary Blastoma, there is no set treatment, and very little clinical information on it. We have no idea when, where, or how I got it. Dr. B seems quite positive and is encouraging about treatment and about curing me. He is treating my condition like he would treat lung cancer. With chemo and radiation.

While we were there, Dr B got us in to see the radiation oncologist. He discussed with us the radiation process, possible side effects, and told us I need a CT Scan to get started. The CT folks happened to have time right then to scan me and make a map of my chest to see where they'd be administering the radiation. They gave me five tattoos- 3 down my chest and 1 on each of my sides to line me up exactly for treatment. I've been scarred for life- literally. I begin my radiation next Wed. and will go in each day (M-F) for 5 to 6 weeks. Chemo will begin about the same time, but the length is uncertain. Dr. B is deciding which chemo will work best for me. And yes, he said I will most likely lose my hair during treatment. So no making fun of my hair loss.


NaniJill said...

Dear Sweet Meredith! You will still be the cutest little or no hair! You have been and will continue to be at the top of my prayer list. Megatons of love to you! Jill

Loula said...

Oh Meredith!
Heck, scarfs on the head is an up and coming fashion statement! Can't wait to see what you come up with. ;)
Our prayers are with you and Nick. May God's mercy and grace be so very real to you both each and every moment.

Much Love
Louise (Brazil partner)

Dave and Laney said...

Bald is beautiful! Just ask Dr. B :P

Thank you for sharing in your blog. You're both loved and being prayed for in our home.


Butterfly 797 said...

We are students are praying and all on their own. Today a girl prayed for you. Wow, the power of children praying is wonderful. I love you!


GrandmaC said...

Our Dear Meredith! We didn't know we had such a "rare" granddaugher! We knew you were very special, and now you are one in 200! We love you and pray that God will give you His peace, wisdom for the Dr in choosing the right chemo, and strenth for both you and Nick.