Friday, December 7, 2007

Encouragement in Tough Times

Yesterday I had my post-surgery appointment and I am healing very well- and quickly. Most people who have this surgery are 30+ years older than me, so I have my youth to help me recover more quickly than the average patient.

I have to admit that my cancer diagnosis doesn't make me feel the greatest. It's not something that I asked for. I am trying to maintain a positive attitude, however, the fact that this is rare and has no set treatment scares me. I cannot imagine going through this without faith in God. He gives me HOPE every day. And, He encourages me when I need it. For example, my disease is very rare...only 200 documented cases. My friend, Patricia, printed out my blog yesterday so my former co-workers at Colton Elem. could read it. A couple of the ladies recognized the disease and remembered that my former teacher's wife had the same thing. He called me last night and confirmed it. She had it 25 years ago and after chemo, she's been great. At the time, there were 60 documented cases. I know a survivor personally! Talk about encouragement. Thank you LORD!


Candice Starr said...

Hey, Nick and Meredith, just wanted to stop in and view your new site- what a great idea!

We want you both to know we are praying for you and we love you very much!

Anthony, Candice, and Talon

p.s. Great pictures Meredith, you look beautiful! ;)

Scott Creps said...

Wow - is God amazing or what? How encouraging to personally know someone who made it through this 25 years ago!

I have been looking at plane tickets but need to get a hold of my doctor to see how late is too late to fly. Who knows, maybe God will heal you before I even get there! :) Anyway, I love you and pray continuously. Talk to you soon.