Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bye- Bye Port!

I have two bits of great news to share. The first is that I had my most recent PET scan December 31 and it was clear. That's two in a row and it's very encouraging! Second, I get my Power Port removed from my chest tomorrow. I'm quite nervous about this, but I'm excited that Dr B is confident that I won't need it anymore and I should "just get that thing taken out." The good news is I don't need to go back to the operating room and the procedure should only take about 45 minutes. I just go to the surgeon's office, he'll give me a local anesthesia, make an incision and pull the port out of my blood stream where its been living for the past 13 months. Nick is taking the afternoon off work to take me and I have anxiety medication on the ready in case I feel that it's necessary. Apparently it's routine and no big deal. (Obviously I feel the need to reassure myself.)