Monday, December 10, 2007

The Latest in the Battle

Nick and I went to see Dr Bernstein today to discuss results from an MRI I had done on my pelvis last Thursday. Due to a small blip on my PET Scan back in October, Dr B thought I should have an MRI to make sure I didn't have any tumors in that area. Apparently, germ cell tumors found in the ovary/ pelvic region sometimes accompany Pulmonary Blastoma. His hunch was a blessing for me, because it turns out that I have two, yes 2, large tumors in the center of my pelvis. Nick and I saw the image and it was crazy HUGE. One Tumor is 6.8cm and the other 10. My PET Scan was a month and a half ago and at that time, only a tiny spot lit up, but common ovarian cysts look the same. I'm lucky he thought to check me out before we started radiation on Wed, because we would have been concentrating on the wrong area.
Here's the new plan of attack. I check into the hospital on Wed. for IV chemotherapy and I will be there for five days. I will come home for three weeks and go back for five days and so on. I don't know how long this will last. The doctors believe the chemo will shrink the tumors so they can be more easily removed in surgery. Then we'll probably go back to the original plan of chemo and radiation treatment simultaneously. Meanwhile, I still have five tattoos for radiation and am not ready to begin it yet. These tumors are obviously rapidly growing. Dr B says that rapid growth tumors tend to respond to chemo and radiation better than slow growers. So, hopefully, that will be the case and the chemo will shrink them up.
For those of you who know about the sores on my tongue, they are getting better with time and more medication. Dr B says they are simply stress ulcers and will go away when I de-stress. Sure, no problem. I'll get right on that. In the meantime, please pray that I get some sleep, as I am going on three weeks of very little sleep. Also, pray for guidance for the doctors. And of course, please keep Nick and me in your prayers. Our spirits are up and our attitudes are positive, but please pray that they remain that way.

Interesting note:Nick and I stopped and got Chinese food on the way home and our fortune cookies had the same fortune. "A minor disappointment isn't the end of the world."


mikeandcess2000 said...

Nick and Meredith,
Thank you for your refreshing perspective on life! I have to share that Mike and I have been concerned and praying as we have been hearing all of the updates (mostly second hand through Mel and Scott) throughout the course of this battle. But tonight as I have read your blogs, I am blown away by both of your strength and courage. What a testimony to me and to all who know you! Thank you so much for sharing this battle with us. We promise to continue fighting this battle with you, as prayer warriors. But I have to tell you, you are the strong soldiers!! I am amazed at your strength. God is going to do amazing things through this--it is evident that He already has! Thanks for sharing those things, and for letting us all see how He is already being glorified through your pain and trial. We have added your blog to our "favorites" so we can keep up-to-date with the news, so keep it coming! We love to hear how you are and will pray this through to the end with you. Love to you both, Cess (for Mike too!)

Mary Jo said...

Dearest Meredith: I just want you to know that people at Molalla Nazarene are keeping you in their prayers! I know you are a survivor....being the only girl with three brothers, you have to be:) The Lord gave me these verses for you this morning from Psalm 33:18-22. "But the eyes of the Lord are watching over those who fear Him, who rely upon His steady love. He will keep them from death even in times of famine! We depend upon the Lord alone to save us. Only He can help us; he protects us like a shield. No wonder we are happy in the Lord! For we are trusting Him. We trust His holy name. Yes, Lord, let your constant love surround us, for our hopes are in you alone." Love and prayers to you both, MaryJo Stanbro

Matt Cooper said...

Hey Sis, I enjoy reading your posts. Keep up that great attitude because it will definitely help you through this. Like Dr. B said, the speed with which the tumors grew is probably a blessing because the chemo will be more effective at shrinking those suckers down.

A great cure for stress ulcers: raise your hands and yell, "Serenity now!"

We love you! Ali says hello to aunt Merwedif.

- Matt, Leigh and Alison

jamieschultz said...

I want you to know that you are continuously in my thoughts. I am really glad you guys have started the blog to update on everything. Your dog is so cute! Always know that I think about you and I definetely miss seeing you around school and I know the kids do too! Much love!
Jamie Schultz

joanne said...

Dear Meredith,
I just want you to know I'm praying for you...for strength...for courage...for believing that our God has all things under his control.
I appreciate your willingness to share your story. And remember...
bald is beautiful :-) least that's what others told me.
Praying for you both, JoAnne Weiss