Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Family Christmas Fun!

I have lived in the Willamette Valley my whole life. We used to have a "White Christmas possibility" when I was younger and the weather patterns were different. It was also back in the day when we'd get buckets of snow, several snow days and we'd be on snow routes for weeks in the winter. Ah, those were the days. My family would go just up the road from our home and ice skate on the frozen pond, Snow men and snow forts were a constant sight in the neighborhood, and we would sled to our heart's content. The nights of the really great sledding days, Dad would park the car at the top of the hill and shine the headlights down our run- or at least the top of it, while we all waited our turn on the good sleds. The Radio Flyer steel-runged sleds that really sent us flying down the icy roads.

Well, my friends, it seems today is a "White Christmas Miracle." I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. Nick and I are at his parents' house in Beavercreek and later we'll be headed deeper into Beavercreek and Highland to my parents' house to spend some more time with them.

Last night my family, except for Matt, Leigh, and Ali (they stayed in North Carolina this year, since they have the new baby), got together at Nathan and Beth's place for Christmas Eve. We had SO MUCH FUN. It only would've been better if Matt and Leigh and Ali were there to enjoy it with us. When Matt came to visit and help me out after my first little surgery, he got a card for Nathan and Beth that sang the "Dancing Hamster Song." He, Nate, went wild with it driving us all insane by the end of a family dinner night. Well, I happened to see a hamster figure that played the same tune and danced quite cutely. I had to get it for Nate. Last night through some confusion, it seems that Matt and I were on the same track because we BOTH got the same singing, dancing hamster for Nathan. What a riot! Nate ran around the house in his Santa Boots (He's 31, by the way), playing with both hamsters and the singing card. Sorry Beth! But how funny, too!

Later, Nick and I came out to his parents' house and spent the night after exchanging some gifts. Now we're enjoying the snowfall and hanging out. Ah... take the time to hang out and RELAX today. But in the midst of it all, don't forget the Reason that we are celebrating this holiday. It's not for the gift exchange, not for the food, not for a day off of work. It's the celebration of the birth of Our LORD, Jesus Christ, who was sent, a perfect sacrifice to die for our sins, that we may live with God in Heaven eternally.

The snow has left a nice white blanket on everything already and continues to come down. Yeah! Enjoy. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and many Blessings in the coming year.

Love and Hugs, Nick and Meredith


Matt said...

A white Christmas?! Christmas Eve just wasn't the same without all you guys, but... Nate really danced around with santa boots on? I can picture that and I almost feel like I was there. Love you guys!


Joan Meyers said...

Thanks, Meredith. This completes my busy day...just knowing you are able to enjoy it...to the MAX!

Matt: I spoke to my son, Dr. Mike Meyers, about you. Seems your paths have not as yet crossed. He knows about Meridith, because I was visiting him in Chapel Hill for Thanksgiving. Funny, when I heard your parents had gone to NC to see your new baby, I JUST KNEW they went to Chapel Hill. Such a small world. Joan Meyers

Anonymous said...

Dear, dear Meredith.
Snow for Christmas! Miracle #1
No more vomiting! MIRACLE #2
It's great to hear that you are feeling so much better!
We love both you and Nick and you are in our thoughts and prayers many times each day.
"peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you." Shalom
Love, Grandma C