Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Page Me

This is the 3rd surgery pager I've had in a month for Meredith. They are putting her under as I type this to place a port in her chest for the duration of chemo. I know that this is a fairly routine surgery, but everytime they cut or poke her it makes me hurt.


Josh said...

I feel that too Nick. It's hard to think about what has happened to her and what will happen.

I really look up to you the way you have been a Husband to your wife.

Joan Meyers said...

Margaret and Henry want to/are eager to help in any way they can. Joan

Lori Elliott said...

Nothing is "fairly routine," when it is your loved one getting cut and poked! Blessings on you, Nick. If the tables were turned, Meredith would say the very same thing--she thinks about YOU all the time through all of this.

Glad you have a private room. That will be comforting to be together.


NaniJill said...

I'm so thankful Meredith has you, Nick. Your tenderness toward her is so touching. I also appreciate your unceasing positive attitude. I hope all of us can be as encouraging to you as you have been to us and especially to Mer.

God Bless You! Jill