Monday, March 31, 2008

Radiation Therapy

I'm healing well from my last surgery and am moving on to my next challenge. Tomorrow I begin my radiation therapy. I'll go Monday through Friday for almost seven weeks to have my lung stump radiated. I'm nervous about the treatment but Dr. B says I should do well with it. I'm told to expect a very sore, painful throat after the first two weeks and fatigue. Hopefully that's it. I know it has to be easier than chemotherapy. Radiation, here I come.

Bobby Rocks!

WOW! Thank-you so much to all of you who came out on Saturday to support me and Nick. Nick's best friend, Bobby, put together a benefit show for us to help with bills and medical expenses. The show had a great turnout. We were so excited to see who all came together to help make it a success. Thank-you to all the people who donated their time, energy and talents for us. A special thanks to Bobby, Connie, Amanda, Aaron O., Kim, Erich, Aaron S., Jason, Jaqui, Mari, Jay, Sandi, Diego, Josh, Elaine, Tyler, Sheree, Bobby's Grandma Betty, the Heinson family, the bands who donated their time and anyone else who helped. It really meant a lot to us and we appreciate you and your gifts.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cancer Schmancer

We are so excited about the show on March 29th. For those of you who don't know, our friend Bobby Heinson has put together a benefit show for Meredith and I at the Artistery in Portland. I haven't heard all of the details, but I am looking forward to the bands that have completely donated their time. In addition Bobby is putting together a silent auction for items that people have donated. Honestly, it seems a little weird talking about a benefit show for us, but we are so grateful I had to mention it. I have to mention Aaron at the Artistery who, when Bobby pitched the idea, donated any prime weekend night of Bobby's choosing. Here is the link to the show's web page:

Friday, March 7, 2008

Good News Good News Good News

Did I mention that we have good news?

Meredith's dad Gary, and I, just met with the surgeon who informed us that everything went well. They were able to keep part of BOTH of her ovaries. We knew going into surgery that one would come out for sure and maybe both. Since imaging can't tell the doctor's exactly what is going on there was a lot of uncertainty going into the operating room. It turns out that they were able to remove only the infected part of the left ovary and the part of the right that used to be infected. God raised the bar of the "best case scenario, " and I'm not going to complain.

Just when you thought the good news was over...


Last night we got a call from Dr. Bernstein and got the results of Meredith's PET (full body) scan. Other than the tumor on her ovary, which they just took out, there is NO MORE CANCER. This scan isn't 100% accurate and she may still have to go through some more light chemo or radiation, but there are no more new hot spots.

Praise God ...Yee-ha!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And the Answer is... Surgery #4

Well, the ultrasound was hopeful. Thank-you to those who were praying for me! The technician said that my right ovary was large, but still within parameters for normal size and she saw no signs of a tumor on that side. GREAT! On the left side, however, the ovary is enlarged and the tumor is still about 5.6cm long. That's a lot better than where we started at 10.

When my surgeon called, he said that the amount of one of my chemo drugs I received (the one I was concerned about) basically destroyed my ovaries. The right one that I thought to be good looks aged- like it should be in a forty or fifty year old's body. But women are having babies older nowadays, so it's still possible. The surgeon didn't sound hopeful, but I still am.

As of now, I am scheduled for the surgery I've been dreading this Friday at noon. I check in at 10. We're hoping and praying that my surgeon, Dr. Kucera, doesn't have to remove both ovaries.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Surgery or No Surgery, That is the Question

Okay Prayer Army, I need you. If you read this before 11:15 tomorrow morning, especially, please pray for good news. Nick and I met my surgeon today. From the MRI, CT scan, etc. it looks as though my ovaries are the pelvic tumors. So I guess the tumors are in my ovaries. It's difficult to be sure because at the time of the images, the tumors were so large the ovaries are tough to find. Tomorrow morning at 11:15 I go in for an ultrasound which will determine whether I have surgery on Friday or not. Yes, this Friday. If the tumors are small enough, or (the LORD willing) gone, I won't need this surgery. If they are still there and large enough, I will go in on Friday. The surgeon doesn't know until he gets in there if he'll need to remove one or both ovaries. This really scares me, as Nick and I have been wanting to start a family- months ago, but this cancer got in the way. Please pray for the good news we've been praying for. Thank-you!

I'll write about our trip tomorrow, but we had a great time.