Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy NewYear!

Happy 2008 everyone. I rang in the new year a little different than most years, bald. I began losing my hair on Thursday. Saturday night I washed my hair and it came out in HUGE handfuls. I had an appointment this coming Wednesday (Jan. 2) to get a short haircut so my hair loss wouldn't be so dramatic. I had to reschedule it for Monday (Dec. 31) because I already had bald spots by Saturday. Due to my patchy bald spots, I went for the gold and had my head shaved. There was really no alternative. My friend, Lori, took me to her hairdresser to get a pedicure, then get my hair cut. My mom and best friend, Amanda, also came to offer their support. So, here I am in all my bald glory.


budyfly20 said...

Hey Mer!
You look so cute bald!
Very few people could pull it off, but you have a very shapely head. Hang in there, I know it's an adjustment. No hair just means one less thing to worry about.
Love you,

Jax said...

I love it!! Many a day we all want to do it. You rock!! And just think you could totally pull off the "I just really love Billy Corgan" gag :) Think of the fun !

bettineski said...

You look really good! Like Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta. You totally pull it off.

Janet said...

Meredith, you look beautiful! :o)Thank you for the update on how you're doing. I will continue to pray for you and keep up to date by reading here, okay?

~Janet Syverson

Anonymous said...

Love you, Meredith, in all your shining glory. A King's daughter is all glorious within. Outward appearances mean nothing compared to your inner beauty!
Grandma C

Kammie said...

Meredith - Your beauty shines through hair or no hair! Actually, you are a gorgeous bald woman! Your courage and spirit are dazzling and inspiring...
Thanks to you and Nick for starting this blog so that all of us who love you can "be with you".
May it be a happy New Year of healing!

Lots of Love from Kammie (and Grace!)

NaniJill said...

I knew you'd be even cuter! You wear it well!

You're always close in my thoughts and prayers. I hope these next 5 days won't be too hard for you...and that the chemo will, in fact, shrink the tumors so we can GET YOU WELL! =)

Much love to you! Jill

debi said...

God Bless You Meredith. You are a great gift in my life. You look absolutely beautiful. I've been praying for you and Nick.
blessings, prayers and lots of love.
Debi taylor