Saturday, January 12, 2008

Melanie is Here

Our friends Melanie and Scott Creps moved to Utah last year and we have really missed them. Just before they moved we found out that they are expecting and could not be happier. They put their heads together and worked out a way for Melanie to come visit, and help Meredith while I am at work. We are so amazed by all of our friends, family, friend's family, family's friends, co-workers of friends/family and everyone I am forgetting who read our blog and want to know how we are doing. Meredith took Melanie to a surprise baby shower tonight and had a lot of fun hanging out with all of the ladies. Even though it was Melanie's party we seemed to pull away with a few hats for Meredith and a t-shirt for me. I know most of my posts include a thank you to all of you, and it may be getting old and repetitive, but everyday I am encouraged by someone in one way or another. So once again. Thank you.

Oh, and I can't forget more good news. Meredith had a brain scan (MRI) yesterday. Dr. Bernstein was a little concerned that she blacked-out since the tumors in her pelvis had grown so fast. The MRI cam back normal and the doctors concluded that she was just dehydrated.


Louise B said...

Mer & Nick
It was so good to see Melanie last night! She is so cute being prego! She certainly was surprised - that is hard to pull off. I only wish there was more time to visit with her. I realized how much I miss them both.
It was also good to see you, Meredith. You are looking good! Wished the Brazil ladies could have spent more time remembering our trip! The frogs did that for me.
I am so glad you have this blog to keep us up to date. Take care and much love.