Friday, January 25, 2008

My First Acupuncture

Well, I'm back at the hospital- my home away from home. Tuesday I had my first acupuncture treatment. I went to bed on Monday with a horrible tummy ache. In fact it kept me awake for a couple of hours. I woke up with it on Tuesday and decided that it was alright because my naturopath thought the acupuncture would help with my nausea and I was definitely nauseated. She only put five needles in me this time. Next time she'll use more. I had one in each knee, one in each wrist and one in the top of my scalp. When I left her office, I felt so much better. Not wonderful, but pretty good. I'll go back after I go home and am feeling better. I've been in the hospital for two days now and it seems to have helped with my nausea here too. I've felt much better than my last cycle of chemo. Hallelujah!


Anonymous said...

This is your Grandma C writing again. So very glad the acupun. seems to be helping.
We know that all things work together for good, and this is one thing working in your favor at this time.
God is in control. He still loves you and we love you so very much.
We pray that God will give you peace and His special comfort during this stay in your "home away from home".
Loads of love and our prayers and thoughts are with you.
Grandma and Grandpa C

Leslie Hall said...

Glad you found something that eased the nausea, even if it was NEEDLES! YIKES! You sound like such a trooper thru all this. Amazing strength and grace.

Again, we think of you often, Meredith, and we hope for the best with every new day.

Ken, Leslie, Kenny & Steven Hall