Friday, January 4, 2008

Fabulous News

I had a follow up appointment with Dr B on Tuesday to see how things were going after the first round of chemotherapy, and nausea at home, etc. Normally Dr B would wait until after my second round of chemo to have my pelvis imaged to see how things are shrinking, however, I told him I was having abdominal pain. He decided we needed to image immediately just to be sure the tumors weren't growing. He had to contact a gynecological surgeon to see which kind of image they prefer. We were thinking Ultrasound,but late in the afternoon the word was MRI. Either way it's an image that does not expose me to radiation, and I appreciate that. If the results of the MRI was that the tumors were shrinking, we'd go with the plan and check into the hospital the next day for Round 2 of chemo. If they were not shrinking, and even worse, if they had grown, I would go in for emergency surgery to try to remove them. This really scared me.

I got the call at 4:30pm to go to an imaging place as soon as possible- they were the only ones in town who could fit me in for an MRI that night. I was a little irritated because we had dinner plans at 6. Dr B said that we would probably just image at the hospital the next morning before we began chemo. We arrived at the imaging place at about 5:15 and left 2 hours later. Two hours later. We salvaged dinner plans. They were with Aaron and Amanda, so they were cool with pushing it back. We ran home, I changed into a fancy outfit, because we had decided to dress up. My hair would have taken me a little while to fix after laying on the MRI table for so long. Fortunately my hair took no time at all.

As we were running out the door Dr Bernstein called with the results-ALREADY! The MRI showed that the tumors ARE SHRINKING and are at least 2cm smaller each!! The outside edges are consistent with tumors that are shrinking. Well, I was much more excited about dinner now. We had something to celebrate. And we did. Dinner was a laugh fest and we had a really great time. Again, Prayer Army, thank you all for your prayers and please keep it up.


The Coopers said...

Great News! We are so happy to hear that. Wish we were there. Love you, Andrew and Joy

Butterfly 797 said...

Awesome News! I am so glad to hear this, we have been praying ALOT :)


JenniferRootham said...

Hello Meredith, Nick and Rusty!
Meredith, sweet strong one, my thoughts and prayers are with you always. Haydyn is looking forward to having Rusty as a guest at the Rootham Hotel (Nick, Brian is all for it!). Love, Jennifer

Scott Creps said...

Praise God! That really is fabulous! I am praying for you as you endure this chemo treatment. I am excited to see you very soon... do you think we can work in a few episodes of The Office while I'm there? :) Oh, and by the way, you look stylin' in your new hats - i love it!

Love you, Mel

Raskal5 said...

We are so glad to hear that you are getting better and the tumors are shrinking. By the way, you look fabulous bald! Reminds me of a singer from Ireland I believe her name is Sinead O’Connor! We are wishing you the best and that the shrinking continues!
Love, Lilly

Joel said...

Praise the Lord! We've been praying for this. We can't wait to see you guys. It's hard to not be up there with you! Thanks for this blog; it makes us feel a part of this journey, and it helps us know how to pray. We love you guys.