Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Late Night

Meredith and I feel bad that we haven't blogged since she has been home from the hospital. She came home on Monday and didn't vomit once...until last night. She was going to the bathroom about 8pm and I was called in because she was vomiting. She said that she had hit her head on the bathtub and thought that she had blacked out. Just then she slumped and lost consciousness. Her eyes stayed open, but she had a blank stare and was not responding. I ran into the other room, grabbed my phone and called 911. I laid her down, per the 911 operator, and the ambulance arrived about 5 minutes after she had initially passed out. By the time I let the paramedics in she was waking up but still very disoriented. Rusty had come home to us that night and was very confused as to why he was being shut in the kitchen. Her blood pressure was 85/45, but the paramedics said that she was fine. I got a hold of our oncologist, Dr. Bernstein, who said that as a precaution we should go to the hospital. I called Bobby and he drove us to the Portland Providence Emergency Room. As we were checking in Meredith passed out again for a minute or two, but the nurse wasn't too worried.

Praise God that her blood work came back great and it turns out that she was probably dehydrated. They accessed her power port and gave her a liter of fluid. Aaron and Amanda came and brought me some dinner and took us home about 2am this morning.
Today she is tired and a little nauseas, but otherwise doing just fine. She has, however, been drinking more fluids as we do not want to repeat our little excursion last night.

Tomorrow morning the sealant on the bathtub will have completed curing and Meredith can take a bath. Hopefully tomorrow's entry will only contain pictures of our new bathroom and not another entry in my "Scariest Night Ever" diary.

Thank you all for your continued support. We feel more loved than we could ever know.


Bobby said...

There are no words in this language that can serve to explain how much you two mean to me. I'm very happy to know that the issue last night wasn't one of a more serious nature...

Continue to fight the good fight. There will be a day when all this is a distant memory. And on that day we will celebrate. On THIS day we celebrate. We celebrate the beautiful nature of life. We celebrate survival. And we celebrate friendship.

Nick and Meredith, you two are the finest examples of courage, compassion and love that I have seen in my 27 years on this Earth. You are a constant in my life and my thoughts. As you fight this battle, I will forever remain your brother in arms.


p.s. Thanks for the blog shout out!!

Joan Meyers said...

Thanks for the news, even though it is not always pleasant. You are so loved and we ALL look forward to your next visit to church. Lots of hugs. joan

Joel said...

Wow. God is so good. I can't articulate all that is in my heart right now. You are forever in my prayers, and it is such a celebration to me that as you were going through this ordeal last night the Lord called you to my heart in prayer. He is so faithful! Thank you again for the update so we can travel on your journey with you. We miss you! We'll get there one way or another very soon. :)Rinda
ps: the part where they accessed your power port to give you a liter of fluid gives you a very transformer-type quality. You're on your way to super-hero status!

Anonymous said...

Can't express all our feelings for you and Nick and all you are going through. We know that God is in control and He WILL see you through all this. He knows, He loves, He cares. Nothing this truth can dim.
Our prayers continue to be with you both as you face whatever God has in store for you. We know He can be with you and help allay your fears and trepidation as you face each day.
We love you both so very much!!!!
Grandpa and Grandma C