Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tualatin PD Solidarity

I met Nathan, Meredith's brother, at work this morning because he had a CD of pictures to give to us. The pictures you see are the result of awesome, caring, selfless people who shaved their heads in support of a woman they have never met. It all started when Meredith's brothers decided to shave their heads to support their sister. The officers in Tualatin were in search of a way to unite their department during a year of personal hard times. As a result they picked a day to unite together and support my wife. Milo, one of the officer's sons even got in on the shaving action. In addition Nathan gave us a wonderful card from the PD with a financial gift, and God continues to provide. I can't say thank you enough for being so generous.

On another awesome note, Meredith is feeling great today. As I am trying to write this she is singing Brazilian kids songs at the top of her lungs. She has been very tired, but the nausea seems to have subsided for now. It seems as though after chemo she is nauseas for a week, feels good but tired for a week and then spends the third week getting more chemo. I love seeing her upbeat and enjoying food. Thank you again Tualatin Police Department!


Loula said...

Ok, I have to know...was she singing 'estempe stade...estempe stade...estempe stade, val chegar, Huh!' Of course the spelling is wrong but you know what song I mean. Remember that the d sounds like g.
So good to hear Mel is feeling so good. What a wonderful picture of the bald heads!
Much Love,

Lori Elliott said...

Louise, she sang that song you mentioned for me today! She did it big and small too! Very cute. I agree, Mer, it is sooooooooo good for the soul to see you feeling good. I praise the Lord for giving you those days to know He brings you through.

Tualatin PD, why, what an awesome group! May they all see God at a great and mighty work in all this. That little guy is sooooo cute!!

Love much,