Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alternative Medicine

I went to a naturopathic doctor yesterday to supplement my treatment. She wants me to up my fiber, protein and wants me to get good sleep. Since I've lost about 25 lbs in the past two months, she's trying to bulk me up a little so that my body can fight my cancer better. She also had me purchase some l-glutamine powder to help support my gut to help with nausea and vomiting. Since chemo targets rapid-growth cells, it kills the cells that line my gut, hence my problems with nausea. She gave me some other helpful tidbits and some yummy looking smoothie recipes that I can't wait to try. Next Tuesday, I'm going back to her for my first ever acupuncture. She thinks it will help with my digestion and right before chemo, will help me to be less nauseated during my treatment. Next week I'll let you know how the acupuncture went. That's all for now.


JenniferRootham said...

Hello Nick, Meredith and Rusty :)
First and foremost, you continue to be in my prayers daily. It sounds like you have had some scary events, on top of everything else, so I am glad that Meredith continues to be the fighter that she is. I also wanted to touchbase, to see when Rusty gets to come to the Rootham Hotel?? the offer still stands. Thinking of you always! Love, Jennifer & Haydyn

budyfly20 said...

Hi Mer!
I remember when I was pregnant and having horrible morning sickness the feeling of victory when I didn't puke for a whole day. I rejoice with you in your two days of no vomit! I"m excited that you have some smoothie recipies to try. I ate a lot of smoothies, too. Press on! You're doing great.

Lori Elliott said...

Dear Mer,

Del Florea had told me that accupuncture worked great for him and his nausea and pain too! Good option and I will pray it works and is for you! Good nutrition is important--glad you are going to a Naturalpathic physician too! Are you seeing Rosemary? She's great and your mom-in-law introduced me to her....she really helped me with my stomach issues :-) Well, we continue to kneel before God, the Great Physician, on your behalf! I love you ton!
Hugs, Lor