Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finished With Treatment

It's official. I finished my radiation treatment last Thursday, May 15. I will begin my first round of tests in about a month or so to see if any cancer cells can be detected. Hopefully they're all gone.

More fantastic news- my hot flashes are finally gone and my body seems to be getting back to normal. My body temperature had been much warmer through treatment, but I'm back to wearing sweaters and jackets on rainy days. That's a good thing!

I've already had several unique opportunities to share my story with people. The latest was this past Sunday. My friend, Lori, asked me to speak to her Sunday School class of 3rd-5th graders. The subject was "hard times" and Lori asked me to tell them a bit about my journey. It's been tough not stepping foot in a classroom all year and being there with the kids was great.


Lori Elliott said...

Thank you for being willing to share your journey through the hard times with my class. You were awesome! Being in front of a classroom of kids and teaching is second nature to you! What a testimony you gave to testify to the kids that TRULY, God is faithful to His promises and will be with you through the trouble times--there will be trouble in this life BUT He has overcome those. You had those kids' attention like I haven't seen in a long time! Again, thank you, my dear friend, for seizing the opportunity to share about the greatness and goodness and faithfulness of our Heavenly Father! We can trust Him!
Love you so much!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you are doing so well. And am thankful that you are in such good spirits! You know you are my hero. I am really serious. You help me see that God is great. And that I can count on him, you have given me strength through your strength.
I love you Mer.