Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And Then There Were Two

That's right. I have two more radiation treatments left counting today. Yesterday was my last day with Steve (he's been with me from day 1) and today is my last day with Stephanie (she's been with me almost from the beginning). Nancy had to leave to go to the new cancer center a couple of weeks ago. She came back yesterday for photos. Of course I needed photos of my crew. And since they're all larger than life, a serious photo wouldn't do. They've all been great and I'm really going to miss seeing them every day. I won't, however, miss the radiation or its effects on me.

Radiation ends on Thursday and Friday I get to start a new job. It is part time and temporary, but something to get me back in the grove. I'm very much looking forward to it. Today I'm going to the gym for the first time in a long, long time. I'm super happy about that, although my ankle has really been hurting from when I rolled it-twice. So, I'll take it easy.


Anonymous said...

You are almost there!
What great news.
Praise be to God that He has brought you through it all.
And through it all, you are triumphant.
Our continued thoughts and prayers.
Grandma C

Joan said...

Meridith. . .this must really be a great celebration for all in the photo. Basically you ALL came through this struggle. . .together! Your hair looks so encouraging. Shucks, no curls! jm

Anonymous said...

yeah, Meredith!!!! I remember being so glad to be done with radition but feeling almost a loneliness for the people who I saw everyday for 6 I understand. Just enjoy life! Praising God for his faithfulness in helping you endure these many months. ~ JoAnne W

RevReav said...

Today's the day!!!! You're done!!! I'm so excited for you and have been praying for you.
Pastor Scott

Lori Elliott said...

You have arrived at the "end of the tunnel," and there is a whole new life beyond with a whole new perspective to view it through. Indeed, God has been very good and has much more in store for you...He has given you a precious gift with this journey through cancer (Satan was hoping for bad stuff...God intended it for good!) Mer, serve Him and live for Him in a way you never did before! Satan will tempt you to despair...about mounting bills, the house, energy level, car issues...whatever....DON'T GO THERE!!! Look at your scars from the ports, the "tatoo," for the radiation and REMEMBER how the Lord your God brought you out of Cancer! Doctors didn't, modern medicine didn't--your Creator did!!

Also, give thanks...thanks that you don't have to wear those oh-so-lovely gowns anymore!!

My prayers continue for you and for Nick. Oh, yeah, don't forget to hug your hubby everyday...he suffered through this with you more than any of us because the two of you are one! You are cherished by this man!!

Love you, Mer!

Anonymous said...

Praise God! Still you remain in my prayers and heart. You are amazing. And yes, hug your husband, God has given him strength too. What a faith renewer you two are to many of us.

blessings and love,
Deb Taylor

Anonymous said...

Mer (& Nick of course)
Oh how wonderful it is to place our hope and trust in God! Praise him for all that he is!
So good to here that you are feeling strong and ready to get to work! Part time job and the gym. What wonderful news....God bless you both!
Much love,

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome Meredith! You look great and I'm so happy for you. Be careful at the gym!
Erin Tucker