Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's Groundhog Day!

Hey all! Sorry I haven't bogged in a while. I have been feeling terrible. I've been almost constantly nauseated, even with my acupressure trick and my medication. The last couple of days I've been vomiting a lot and haven't felt like doing much of anything. Even most of today I was feeling queasy and toted my tub around with me in case I needed it. I haven't needed it thus far and I'm going to bed soon. I feel much better at the moment than I have since I checked into the hospital this last time. I checked in, vomited, and the nausea rarely let up until today.

You may have seen that Nick, his brother, Chris, Rusty and me all played in the snow. That was on MLK Day and we had a great time. Rusty was so cute in the snow. It was nice to get away and play for a little while, even though I spent most of the time in the car. I did hit the run a couple of times.

As is tradition, we went to Nick's parents' house tonight and watched "Groundhog Day." Oh, what fun we had. We know the movie like the back of our hands, but it seemed better this time. Here and there someone would say, "I've never noticed that before." We didn't see anything new, but it was the same old movie Nick and I have grown to love. By the way, I believe we have about six more weeks of winter. Sorry, Josh.

Enjoy the Superbowl tomorrow. Take the time to watch the game at least for a while. And while you're at it, give a holler to the underdogs, because we'll be screamin' for the Giants too.



NaniJill said...

Quirky you. Quirky me. We have the same tradition! We, too, know the movie well...we'd really be annoying to watch the movie with if the others didn't know it so well! =) I was home sick so we watched it earlier in the day than had planned. It always brings lots of laughs. I'm glad it did the same for you. Laughter truly is a great medicine!

I'm so glad to see you got to play in the snow, if even only a little. Rusty looks like he had a great time...along with Nick and Chris! Some great pics!!!

I'll try to get by to see you this week. I have a couple of things for you...need to get them to you. I'm sorry you've been nauseaus again but hope the "needle treatments" work like a charm!

Get some rest. Take it EASY! Don't get toooooo excited watching the big game. I have to work...feeling a little better. Greg will DVR the game and I'll get to watch the highlights when I get home. Much love to you!

Lori Elliott said...

GO GIANTS!!! And go they did....straight to a SUPER BOWL VICTORY!!! Woohoo! I was so excited to learn you were a Giant's fan too....well, I'm not much on pro-ball but I always root for the underdog for this game...guess you know I've been a looser for the last 3 Super Bowls...oh well, not this time!!

Mer, there is light at the end of this chemo tunnel. You know you are prayed over by so many because you are so loved. You are also loved greatly by a wonderful heavenly Father---nothing can take the love of God away from you....not cancer, not chemo!! Romans 8:31-39 is a great reminder of His gracious, powerful love.

I love you!

Anonymous said...

This is Ann Onimous coming your way again from the chilly confines of my computer room. I should be down dusting, but needed to see if you had any new blog posting. Sooo very sorry you have had so much nausea/vomiting again. We keep praying that God will see you through all this and you'll come out the victor.
Yea for the GIANTS!!!! Couldn't have felt more joy for the underdogs esp since a Philomath star was on the team and made the long reception run in the 4th qtr. Never heard of the Groundhog movie, but then again, I haven't seen many movies.....such is life as a PK/MK. Loved all the pictures of the snow trip. Nick, you are a winner in taking pictures!!!! Keep up the fight. God will be the victor. "Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory thru our Lord Jesus Christ!"
Love you both bunches and bunches.
Grandma C

Anonymous said...

This is Sue Keels. We seem to always be last to hear any family news, so only today found out about the long road you have both been traveling. We are so sorry to hear about your cancer, and so encouraged to hear the treatment is working and you have such a great team of family, friends and doctors surrounding you. You can add us to your list of prayer warriors- we will pray faithfully for your continued healing. Oh how awesome it is to know the Author and Sustainer of life
who we know is kind and good. Your hope shines through and is sure to be and encouragement to all who read your blog.

Leslie Hall said...

Good to hear you had a chance to get out and enjoy this crazy WINTER WEATHER we are having. There is something about the beauty and perfection of freshly fallen snow that makes us stop in our tracks and just appreciate the moment.
Sounds like you are going thru a very rough patch. We all wish we could somehow make this all go away, but all we can do is hope & pray that you will feel better soon. Be strong, and be positive, there are better days ahead.
Thinking of you, more than you know,

Ken, Leslie, Kenny & Steven