Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Best Appointment in a Long Time

I saw Dr Bernstein today and he was much less serious and more laid back than the last appointment, which was a good sign. He said we're throwing out the most recent PET. Because of my Strep infection it lit up many false positives and is inaccurate information. He presented my PET at Conference last Monday and several colleagues felt that the scan lit up falsely due to the infection, which was great to hear since he was skeptical that it was just the infection and was thinking that the disease was probably back.

I see him again at the end of August for another PET and we'll go from there, but he hopes the disease is gone. Us too. We'll also talk about getting my port out at that time.

My hair is coming in nicely. I'm trying to get used to the short style, but I'm so glad to have hair again.


Mulisa Jones said...

I am happy to hear that you are feeling better. My prayers have been with you. Hope all else is well with you and Nick.

EJ said...

You are beautiful no matter how you wear your hair.


Elizabeth H.

Rocker Jon said...

Short hair or none, you're still a babe, ya know!