Sunday, June 29, 2008

Healing Quickly Now

After I saw the ENT Dr on Friday and he lanced my throat-OUCH-it has been feeling much better. Yesterday evening I began to cough bits of the mass up and have gotten rid of most of it by now. Every bit that goes makes my throat feel better so it's feeling pretty good right now. In fact, today I feel the best I have in weeks, months, maybe longer. But then the combination of meds I'm taking will do that. I'm feeling good and today is Nick's birthday so we have a lot of celebrating to do!

Thanks again for your continued prayers. Unfortunately, this still isn't over so please continue to keep us in your prayers. Thanks. We love and appreciate you all!


Lori Elliott said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICK!! HOPE THIS DAY WAS FULL OF FUN, FAMILY, FRIENDS, FOOD AND FABULOUS-FREEBIES (aka gifts but I couldn't say gifts because it didn't begin with "f.")


Anonymous said...

Hey Mer! We're thinking of and praying for you! I'm glad your throat is feeling better; when Nick said you had a sore throat he sure wasn't kidding! Let us know how things are going. We hope to see you on the next OIT field-trip! :)Rinda